Figuring out the future isn’t easy.

Most teens have no shortage of adults telling them what they should do. But there aren’t nearly as many resources helping teens decide what they really want, and how to get there.

Pause Learning is here to solve this problem by showing teens how to:






I help young people gain clarity and build confidence.

I know the struggle of preparing for college and not having a clear, fulfilling action plan to guide me.

The advice of my parents and guidance counselor, while well-meaning, weren’t particularly useful to me.

Hard years of grinding to make ends meet financially and keep my grades up followed. And while things did settle into place eventually, I can look back and see that it didn’t need to be as difficult and disorienting as it was.

Now, my mission as a certified Designing Your Life coach is to help students design a meaningful life + career in a way that’s much easier, with a greater chance of success.

Working with a coach makes big things happen.

What students need is someone who knows the right questions to ask, and then helps them design an action plan that makes the most sense for them, personally.

Because the educational “bullet train” doesn’t work for everyone.

Young people need to know that their own vision for their life matters.

Figuring out the details – and an effective path forward – can be confusing for everyone involved.

Pause Learning demystifies this process.

Discover how choosing a track with intention leads to a richer experience of life.